I want to get to know you and your wants!

I was so blessed to have Rachel by my side during D day! She is so loving and compassionate. Plus, she was very knowledgeable in all the right ways. Position changes, snacks, and just over all helped to keep me relaxed. I honestly can’t say enough!!!
Snag Rachel if you can because she is worth it!



Birth Day Package

  • 2-one hour long pre-natal meetings (discuss birth plan)

  • Labor support during active labor

  • Breastfeeding and recovery support 1-2 hours after birth

  • Availability by phone or email for all pregnancy related questions or concerns throughout pregnancy

  • On call support between 38-42 weeks for labor and delivery


Prenatal Package

  • Birth plan review

  • 2-3 personalized in home childbirth classes

  • Availability by phone/email for support and questions related to pregnancy and childbirth 


Tricare Supplies Affiliate

Contact me to discuss free Tricare supplies! 

  • ​Breast pumps and supplies

  • Pregnancy products

  • Postpartum products